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Xerox creates infrared text technology

Posted: October 9, 2007 in Tech

Xerox has said that it will introduce a new, inexpensive printing technology to help thwart counterfeiters by making it invisible to naked eyes.

The new technology lets customers to print with variable text visible only under infrared light. The technology could be used to authenticate tickets, coupons, certificates, license and other identification papers that have been profitable to forge, Xerox said.

Xerox said, each of the four colour toners the company uses — cyan, magenta, yellow and black — react differently to infrared light, the company was able to come up with a combination only detectable under infrared.

Lenovo celebrates the 15th anniversary of the ThinkPad notebook PC. The ThinkPad was first brought to life by a group of ten leading designers and engineers from around the world, each inspired by the challenge of creating a truly usable notebook PC, and influenced by the unlikely pairing of the Shokado bento – a traditional black-lacquered Japanese lunch box – and an IBM-issued employee pocket notebook with the corporate motto ‘Think’ imprinted on the cover.

The ThinkPad’s black exterior, red TrackPoint, distinctive key-board, and reputation for quality, has solidified its place in personal computing history as the must-have business notebook PC.

Microsoft will issue four “critical” and three “important” security patches as part of its monthly patching cycle.

The four critical patches aim to tackle threats against the Windows OS – both server and client versions, Outlook Express, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Word.

Sun Fixes Java Bugs

Posted: October 9, 2007 in Tech

Sun Microsystems has issued patches to fix several bugs in its Java Java Runtime Environment that makes Windows, Linux and Solaris wide open open to various attacks.

Sun Microsystems said the highly critical vulnerabilities could have let hackers to read or alter sensitive information stored on a vulnerable machine. The fixes to Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.3.1, 1.4.2, 5.0 and 6.0 plug holes that attackers could use to bypass security restrictions, manipulate data, disclose sensitive information or compromise an unpatched machine.

SAP Wins Prestigious SSPA STAR Award

Posted: October 9, 2007 in Tech

The Service & Support Professionals Association (SSPA), the most influential industry trade group for technology service and support professionals, has recognized SAP AG for its leadership, innovation and commitment in service and support. The SAP Global Service and Support organization was awarded top honors for service excellence in “Mission Critical Software Support.”

SAP was honored with the STAR Award for Service Excellence in Mission Critical Software Support for providing exceptional technical end-to-end support to customers’ mission-critical systems and services, enabling them to optimize their operations and solution landscapes. SAP has developed and delivers numerous service offerings to help customers manage complexity, mitigate risks and control costs across their solution landscape.