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HP strengthens its leadership in the personal and small business printing market with three additions to the Deskjet series, three additions to the Photosmart series, five additions to the OfficeJet series, and one new HP Original ink cartridge.

HP also introduces five new models of iPaQs.  HP unveiled a pair of 3G converged handhelds and traditional pen-based personal digital assistants (PDAs), as well as a personal navigation device.

Symantec Corp. released the latest Internet Security Threat Report which concludes that cyber criminals are increasingly becoming more professional – even commercial – in the development, distribution and use of malicious code and services.

While cybercrime continues to be driven by financial gains, cyber criminals are now utilizing more professional attack methods, tools and strategies to conduct malicious activity.

Additional key findings:
– Credit cards were the most commonly advertised commodity on underground economy servers, making up 22% of all advertisements; bank accounts were in close second with 21%.

– Symantec documented 237 vulnerabilities in Web browser plug-ins. This is a significant increase over 74 in the second half 2006 and 34 in the first half of 2006.

– Malicioius code that attempted to steal account information for online games made up 5 percent of the top 50 malicious code samples by potential infection.

–  Spam made up 61% if all monitored e-mail traffic, respresenting a slight increase over the last six months of 2006 when 59% of email was classified as spam.

– Theft or loss of computer or other data-storage medium made up 46% of all data breaches that could lead to identity theft.

The semi-annual Symantec Internet Security Threat Report volume XII covers the six-month period from January 1, 2007 through June 30, 2007.

Adobe Confirms PDF Critical Bug

Posted: October 10, 2007 in Tech

Adobe has confirmed that a critical vulnerability affects users running Microsoft Windows XP and Internet Explorer 7.

The company reported that the code execution vulnerability affects Adobe Reader V8.1, as well as earlier versions; Adobe Acrobat Standard, Professional, and Elements 8.1, as well as earlier versions, along with Adobe Acrobat 3D. The company has not issued a patch, but laid out a workaround plan in the advisory.

The workaround calls for administrators to disable the ‘mailto’ option in Acrobat, Acrobat 3D 8 and Adobe Reader by modifying the application options in the Windows registry. The changes also can be added to network deployments to Windows systems.

Bidding starts for .asia domain rights

Posted: October 10, 2007 in Tech

Bidding has started for prized new pieces of internet real estate with the launch of the .asia domain name. It is thought it could become one of the web’s most desirable addresses.

The new regional domain comes after the launch of the European-based .eu name last year and aims to join .com and .net as a widely used website suffix.

Prices for website addresses can range from as little as $10 to several hundred dollars depending on their desirability.

SAP AG and Business Objects S.A. announced that the companies have reached an agreement that will bring together two of the information technology industry’s leaders, resulting in an unmatched offering for Business Users, enabling timely and accurate decision-making.

SAP has said it will buy the French business intelligence software maker for USD 6.8 billion.

The two companies announced that Business Objects will operate as a stand-alone business as part of the SAP Group.

Seagate Launches Hybrid Hard Drives

Posted: October 10, 2007 in Tech

Seagate has officially launched its new hybrid hard drives. The Momentus 5400 PSD 2.5-inch hybrid drive has been shipped out to OEMs including four that will feature the new drive in laptops.

The drive uses both a magnetic disk platter for storing data and flash memory which is used as a cache memory, allowing data to be dumped onto the disk en masse. The disk can be kept in an idle mode, saving power and extending the battery life of the notebook.

Spammers hit YouTube

Posted: October 10, 2007 in Tech

Spammers have found a way to use YouTube’s “Invite a friend” service to send out ad-laden emails. According to the security experts at Sophos, the spam bypasses traditional email filters because the messages originate from YouTube’s servers.

YouTube is also suffering from a rash of spam text in its “Comments & Responses” section under all of its videos. For months spammers have been using automated programs to create hundreds of accounts to place ads and URL links in video comments sections.