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Symantec Corp. said a malicious PDF document that exploits bugs in Adobe Systems Inc.’s Reader and Acrobat software is on the loose, just hours after Adobe patched the programs.

The security company has tagged the threat as Trojan.Pidief.A, a malware file that’s being used to lower security settings and download more malicious executables on to the compromised computer.

Users are advised to apply the patches outlined in Adobe Advisory as soon as possible.

NBC Leaves YouTube

Posted: October 25, 2007 in Tech

NBC has closed their account with YouTube and removed all of their content from the video sharing site as a prelude to the launch of Hula, the offspring of a joint-venture between NBC and News Corp.

The two media giants will launch a Youtube-like site called Hulu next week. The decision makes it easier for the content providers to regulate the videos and manage their advertising revenue.

MySpace to launch online games channel

Posted: October 25, 2007 in Tech

MySpace announced that through a partnership with Oberon Media, it will add a section of free, multiplayer games to the popular social networking site.

The new section will be open in 2008, with further gaming community initiatives pending. MySpace users will be able to play games directly on the site, and invite their friends to join in.