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Oliva, Casiraya Quits I.T. Organization

Posted: November 21, 2007 in Tech

The I.T. Journalist Association of the Philippines (ITJAP), also known as Cyberpress recently lost two of it’s more senior members bringing the
total number of members resigning this year 2007 to Six (6).

Erwin Oliva and Lawrence Casiraya recently resign from the group.  No reason was given to their sudden departure.

Oliva was a three termer President of the organization and Casiraya is currently the Vice President.

Other members who also resign from the organization are:  Alex Villafana,  Jerry Liao, Joey Alarilla and Leo Magno.

Cisco Completes the Acquisition of Securent

Posted: November 21, 2007 in Tech

Cisco announced that it has closed the acquisition of Securent, Inc., a leading provider of policy management software for enterprises. Securent’s scalable, distributed policy platform will help allow enterprises to administer, enforce, and audit access to data, communications, and applications in heterogeneous IT application environments.

Securent’s software will help enable Cisco customers to protect and secure valuable application data regardless of vendor, platform, or operating system while still allowing ubiquitous access to the content workers and their collaborative communities need to be productive. By delivering policy from the network, Cisco will simplify entitlement decisions for all communications, collaboration and other third party applications.

AT&T announces Napster phone

Posted: November 21, 2007 in Tech

AT&T Inc and Samsung Telecommunications America announced the availability of the SLM by Samsung.

The new phone is the first of the company’s music phones to feature Napster Mobile, a new service that enables AT&T’s wireless customers to search a music catalogue, preview samples of each song and purchase and download songs to their SLM.

The SLM supports the full AT&T Mobile Music suite of services, including XM Radio Mobile, Pandora, MusicID song-recognition service and VIP access. It will be the first device to have AT&T’s mobile banking application pre-loaded on to it.

Sudoku puzzle may be use to fight Spam

Posted: November 21, 2007 in Tech

Tricky mathematical puzzles like Sudoku could be the next weapon in the fight against spam, an Australian computer scientist suggests.  Paul Gardner-Stephen from Flinders University in Adelaide is looking for ways to improve existing spam filters, which try to prevent unwanted email from getting to your inbox.

His idea is to supplement existing filters with an automatic system that requires mail servers to solve a mathematical puzzle if they want their message to reach you.