Parents Blame User For Daughter’s Suicide

Posted: November 23, 2007 in Tech

The family of 13-year-old Megan Meier is seeking justice after their daughter committed suicide over MySpace romance hoax. Ron and Tina Meier say the family they blame for their daughter’s death have not even apologized for their actions that pushed their daughter over the edge.

Megan Meier hanged herself on October 16, 2006 after a cruel hoax invented by the mother of one of her friends. Megan and her friend had an argument and the mother invented a MySpace for a fake 16-year-old boy who she named Josh Evans.

The mother made Megan believe Josh was new to the area and liked her. Megan believed Josh liked her and talked about him all the time despite Tina’s warnings to be careful. When Josh turned on Megan, who battled weight problems and depression, and began calling her names, it pushed the teen over the edge, eventually causing her to hang herself.

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