Archive for December 13, 2007

HP announced that the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) has selected HP servers to improve the efficiency of its online stock trading system, the NYSE Hybrid MarketSM.

HP ProLiant servers deliver the processing power required to manage daily trading volumes that peak or spike at any given time without any execution delays. The servers have reduced the average trade-execution turnaround time from seconds to milliseconds. In addition, HP technology allows customers using the Hybrid Market to automatically trade up to 1 million shares in a single order – up from 1,099. That equals a potential 900-fold improvement in trade volume, which can help improve the NYSE’s bottom line.

HP also will use its expertise in Linux to help the NYSE deploy a more flexible and cost-effective operating system for application development, deployment and maintenance.

Networking giant Cisco has announced that they would be launching their Entertainment Operating System by 2008.  Entertainment Operating System would essentially be a platform to deliver media content to online communities.

Cisco said that this new platform would combine a delivery system, a social networking platform and other tools.

The aim is to help the users to find the content they want. They would start offering this content sometime next year.

Adobe Systems Inc. announced that it intends to release source code for its remoting and messaging technologies under a new open source product named BlazeDS.

The company said that currently, developers can easily connect to back-end distributed data, along with push data in real-time to Adobe Flex and Adobe AIR applications, for more responsive rich Internet application or RIA experiences.

With BlazeDS, developers can add data connectivity to RIAs for real-time collaboration and data-push capabilities that enable better decision-making and more engaging user experiences, together with guided self-service, live help, performance monitoring, and incident tracking.

Eastman Kodak Company announced that it has entered into a strategic marketing partnership with the PGA TOUR. The six-year, multi-million dollar agreement begins in 2008 and will include corporate hospitality and season-long tournament branding on scoreboards, as well as additional sponsorship elements that will be announced at a later date.

To kick-off the relationship in 2008, Kodak will be featured on the new digital scoreboards that are in place at virtually all official PGA TOUR events. One side-panel of the scoreboards will be redesigned to reflect Kodak’s familiar yellow and red logo. Kodak will also host corporate hospitality and entertainment venues at selected TOUR events.