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AOL to dump Netscape Navigator

Posted: January 1, 2008 in Tech

AOL announced its decision to put an end to the once most popular Web browser, Netscape, due to its failure to recover after Microsoft’s Internet Explorer was launched. The current version of Netscape will continue to run until Feb.1, 2008, and AOL support engineers will continue to develop security patches until then.

This puts an end to many years of continuous struggle from AOL to put Netscape back on the map. The browser was once used by over 80 percent of the Internet users, but it came down to 0.6 in December 2007, compared to the 77 percent Internet Explorer has.

Netscape browser was released in 1994, and it was first known as the Mosaic Netscape, until later becoming Netscape Navigator, due to some legal matters. AOL announced in Nov. 1998 it would acquire Netscape Communications evaluated at $4.2 billion.

Microsoft issued a warning that its new Windows Home Server (WHS) could corrupt data when saving files from certain applications. It could ruin family photos, small-business records or anything else users save on the system.

The problem originated from the WHS system’s shared folders. Microsoft said WHS users to make sure they have a backup copy of any important program files before storing files on a machine running WHS.

Sony plans to stop manufacturing rear-projection televisions which have failed to provide a genuine challenge to LCD and plasma displays in the flat-TV market.

They are going to focus their attention on LCD and OLED technology based television sets.

EMC to acquire Document Sciences

Posted: January 1, 2008 in Tech

Document Sciences is being acquired by EMC Corp.

Document Sciences specializes in providing communications management software and the deal is worth around $85 million.

After the completion of the acquisition, EMC would operate Document Sciences as a business unit within the EMC Content Management and Archiving division.


Posted: January 1, 2008 in Tech

Nadaq stock exchange has now suspended trading of the stock of the SCO Group.

The company is currently working on reorganizing their operations under federal bankruptcy protection.

SCO had lost a major lawsuit against Novell and IBM over ownership and use of the UNIX operating system.

They are also facing trial in a U.S. District Court after losing a critical ruling in the Novell case. They could be fined big time for licensing of the UNIX system to other companies.