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Lenovo is bringing in a new notebook called ThinkPad X300 reportedly to be pitted against Apple’s MacBook Air.

The Lenovo X300 notebook weighs only 2.5 pound which is slightly more than 1 kg but lighter than the MacBook Air.

Other specifications:

– A 13.3-inch LED backlit 1440X900 screen
– ultralight 2.5 pound form factor
– Intel Merom Santa Rosa Dual Core CPU (2.0 Ghz / 880 Mhz )
– 64 GB SSD, up to 4GB of DDR2 PC2-5300 memory
– 4 hours of battery life

IBM announced plans for a software portfolio expansion geared to the needs of millions of companies from 5 to 500 employees that want to focus on growing their businesses instead of running their office systems.

IBM Lotus Foundations is a future line of small business software servers, installed on-premise, and is expected to be offered primarily through IBM Business Partners.

In addition, IBM announced a managed beta of a web-delivered service codenamed “Bluehouse.” “Bluehouse” provides extranet services for small-and- medium sized companies to securely collaborate beyond their organizational boundaries.

Also, IBM and SAP AG announced plans to deliver their first joint software product codenamed “Atlantic” that will integrate IBM Lotus Notes software with SAP Business Suite.

Windows 7, tagged as the successor to Windows Vista might have an earlier release date.

Initially, Microsoft announced that Windows 7 is scheduled for release in 2010.  But reports indicated that Windows 7 might be available as early as 2009 with the release of “Milestone 1” code to key partners.

Microsoft refused to comment on the date.

Sanyo Electric has announced their decision to sell their mobile phone production unit to Kyocera.

The deal could be worth around 40 billion yen and would take place in April this year. The final price would include account debts, cash and deposits.