Cognos Launches Cognos 8 BI V3 in Philippines

Posted: January 24, 2008 in Tech

Cognos LaunchedCognos recently launched Cognos 8 BI v3 in the Philippines which includes new and enhanced BI user capabilities and advances in its SOA-based enterprise-class platform. These new developments are designed to efficiently provide organizations with more targeted performance information across a broader and more diverse range of decision-makers, with extended modeling and administration capabilities to simplify deployment and maintenance for administrators.

Cognos 8 BI v3 is the third major release of Cognos’ business intelligence flagship that was introduced in 2005. It addresses the needs of large enterprises and mid-market organizations alike as they capitalize on their ERP investments and turn data into actionable, relevant performance information for improved decision-making across industries. New highly targeted information delivery and improved analysis capabilities let knowledge workers, ranging from front-line managers to executives, receive strategic business information where, when and how they need it to make better decisions. New deployment and administration advances also make it easier for IT administrators to deploy and manage their performance management environment, while growing their user communities.

With the new release, customers will be able to improve overall business performance by enabling diverse users– from front-line business personnel to financial analysts to executives – to receive personalized, relevant information where, when and how they need it. Users across the organization can make better, more informed decisions, and IT can more easily deploy and manage their BI solutions.

Nexus Technologies Inc. is the exclusive distributor of Cognos 8 BI V3 in the Philippines.


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