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Sony Ericsson unveiled the next stage in the evolution of PlayNow arena, its popular over-the-air (OTA) download service. At the MIDEM conference in Cannes, Sony Ericsson announced deals with 10 major record labels, adding over 5 million new tracks to its extensive catalogue. Sony Ericsson also unveiled the design and URL for PlayNow arena and launched PlayNow Uncut, (formerly M-Buzz(TM)) a music promotional space for new, unsigned and developing artists.

Sony Ericsson announced partnerships with 10 of the largest international and regional music labels including: Sony BMG, Warner Music Group, EMI, The Orchard, IODA, The PocketGroup, Hungama, X5 Music, Bonnier Amigo and VidZone, adding over 5 million new tracks to PlayNow arena.

Sony Ericsson is currently negotiating further deals with a host of regional labels to further broaden the variety of music available and bring a wealth of localised content direct to the consumer.

The bidding in the US Federal Communications Commission’s auction for wireless spectrum licenses in the 700MHz band went over 3.7 billion dollars, after only four rounds.

The bidding topped the 2.78 billion dollars and the federal government hopes that it would raise 10 billion dollars until the end of the auction for the government- owned airwaves.

The 3.7 billion dollars are the highest bids that were received for five separate blocks of spectrum in the auction.

Amazon has said that they are now working on launching their Amazon MP3 Store in other nations around the world.

The Amazon MP3 store was launched late last year and has become one of the most potent challengers to the Apple iTunes.

Amazon MP3 has on offer more than 3.3 million songs in DRM free format.

Windows Vista SP1 RC Refresh 2 released

Posted: January 28, 2008 in Tech

Microsoft has now made available yet another test version of Windows Vista Service Pack 1.

The company said that this Windows Vista SP1 RC Refresh 2 edition has been made available to around 15,000 beta testers.

Microsoft added that this release is still on schedule for release in the first quarter of the current year.

HP announced a software governance initiative to help companies address the legal, financial and security risks faced when adopting free and open source software (FOSS).

To help enterprise customers mitigate these kinds of risks and realize the full business benefits of free and open source software, HP has introduced FOSSology and FOSSBazaar – the industry’s first open source initiatives dedicated to these goals.

FOSSology is based on the tools HP uses to effectively manage its own use of free and open source software. It is designed to help users address deployment issues such as the acquisition, tracking and licensing of FOSS. FOSSology’s flexible and open architecture framework, along with detection agents, can help users discover FOSS and related licenses within their own organizations. This toolset is free and downloadable from for immediate use under the General Public License (GPL) version two.

FOSSBazaar makes HP’s expertise freely available to the software community as part of a collaborative effort with industry-leading software vendors and The Linux Foundation. Coverity, DLA Piper, Google, Novell, Olliance Group, OpenLogic and SourceForge have joined HP to offer online resources, educational documentation and community interaction to address FOSS business issues and promote best FOSS governance practices.