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Terry Semel leaving Yahoo Inc.

Posted: February 3, 2008 in Tech

Terry Semel has announced that he is now stepping down as the chairman of internet giant Yahoo Inc.

Last year Semel resign from the position of chief executive due to pressure from the company investors.

Roy Bostock would now be replacing him as the executive chairman for the time being.

Motorola might sell mobile division

Posted: February 3, 2008 in Tech

Motorola is seriously considering a sale or spinoff its cell phone business.

Motorola said they are exploring ways in which their mobile devices business can accelerate its recovery and retain and attract talent while enabling their shareholders to realize the value of its great franchise.

Intel is open to the idea of making the 65-nanometer Core 2 Duo processor used to power the Apple MacBook available to PC makers.  In fact, Fujitsu and Lenovo have already signed to use the chip.

Intel said that if there other OEMs still interested in this 65-nanometer Core 2 Duo processor, they are welcome to talk with the chip maker.

Google fails to match market expectations

Posted: February 3, 2008 in Tech

Google has come out with their latest revenue report and the search engine giant has failed to meet the market expectations.  Company’s earnings and revenue growth apparently slowed down at a faster pace and market fears that they might be suffering due to the slowing down American economy.

Google posted earnings of $1.21 billion which is a 17% improvement from the same period in the previous year.  This is the first time Google failed to grow above 25% in a quarter since they launched their IPO in the market. has now labeled two versions of the RealPlayer media player software as badware applications.

They claim that these two editions inadequately disclose “advertising behaviors”. In addition, the latest edition of the software goes ahead and installs Rhapsody Player Engine without notifying the user.

RealNetworks responded in its own statement on these claims: “We’re really transparent about what we’re installing on someone’s machine.”

Nintendo Reveals New Color For DS Lite

Posted: February 3, 2008 in Tech

Nintendo has now confirmed that they are going to launch a new colored version of their handheld gaming console Nintendo DS Lite.

Nintendo DS Lite would soon be available in cobalt/black color combination.

Currently, the device is available in white, pink, onyx, crimson/black, gold and metallic rose.

Microsoft bids $44.6bn for Yahoo

Posted: February 3, 2008 in Tech

Microsoft surprised the market by announcing a $44.6 billion bid to take over internet media giant Yahoo.

Yahoo said in a statement that they are now undertaking a deliberate review of Microsoft’s unsolicited offer.

Reports indicated that Comcast, Viacom and General Electric are also interested in acquiring Yahoo.