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Spielberg joins the Gaming World

Posted: February 7, 2008 in Tech

Steven Spielberg forged a partnership with Electronic Arts to bring his creative mind to the world of video games.

His first project is entitled “Boom Blox” for the Wii,  described as a “family-friendly” puzzle game, it will have a single-player mode as well as cooperative and head-to-head multiplayer modes.

Spielberg will also be working on a more epic adventure game for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

IBM announced that they have added Cognos “builder” into Dashboard Accelerator will help companies extract business data and present it in new, different and more meaningful contexts through their IBM WebSphere Portal applications.

The data is obtained from reports generated by the Cognos 8 Business Intelligence (BI) tool. Cognos 8 BI delivers a complete range of analytical capabilities on a single, service-oriented architecture. It helps companies author, share, and use reports that draw on data across all of the organization’s sources.

Yahoo announced that they are now offering unlimited Web site storage and data transfer to owners of small businesses for their websites.

This package is going to cost them a flat $11.95 per month. The company said that the removals of restrictions would benefit the small business operators.

Google is scheduled to release a new application for businesses to make it easier for their workers to share documents and information.

This technology has been named Team Edition and it would be made available as a free download.