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New Trojan virus stealing passwords found

Posted: February 19, 2008 in Tech

Security vendor Computer Associates discovered a dangerous computer virus called Mocmex capable of hacking online gaming accounts – finding its way onto home PCs via digital photo frames.

Mocmex is able to block more than 100 types of anti-virus software and bypass the Windows firewall (it attacks only Windows PCs) and is capable of stealing any personal information on infected machines.

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates said his company will not raise its bid to acquire Yahoo.  Gates said that with or without Yahoo, Microsoft will target the web and go after Google.

Gates revealed that Microsoft will continue to pour money into its web division hoping that
its investment in web search will ultimately pay off and allow it to compete with Google on equal terms.

US Court orders Wikileaks Shut Down

Posted: February 19, 2008 in Tech, a website that blow the whistle on corporate and governmental fraud was ordered offline by a US court.

Swiss banking group Julius Baer brought the court order after documents were posted about its offshore activities.

Wikileaks has objected to the ruling, claiming the order was “unconstitutional” and that the site had been “forcibly censored”.

Research In Motion (RIM) filed a lawsuit against the US based mobile phone maker Motorola over patent disputes.  RIM company is claiming that Motorola infringes in several of their owned patents.

RIM also said Motorola is demanding exorbitant royalties for patents that Motorola claims are essential to various standards for mobile wireless telecommunications and wireless computing that RIM practices.