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Red Fox – Geared for Invasion

Posted: February 22, 2008 in Tech

Red Fox paraded a complete line-up of technological innovation and takes pride in its very own branded PC Systems and Notebook.  Some of the products that were introduced are:

– Red Fox Vengeance – the gaming PC.
– Red Fox DeskPod –  the PC that allows video and television recording.
– Red Fox RDXtruder – the all in one entertainment machine Media Center and the Value server.
– Red Fox Wizbook – ultra value 10 and 8 inches laptops.

Other products include Red Fox Vengeance Fury Series, Red Fox Imperium, Red Fox Ultima, and more.

“Asiantech is dedicated to providing customers with only the best products and services from customer care, technical support, all the way to granting solutions, in the years to come, Asiantech will continue to be “The Performance IT Company” said Andy Te, Asiantech’s Managing Director and distributor of Red Fox products in the Philippines.

Intel Corporation has introduced the Intel Dual Socket Extreme Desktop Platform. Formerly codenamed “Skulltrail,” this is one of the first enthusiast desktop platforms to support two Intel quad core processors for a total of eight processing engines and a choice of multi-card graphics solutions from either ATI or NVIDIA.

Each Intel Core 2 Extreme processor QX9775 offers 12MB of L2 cache, a fast 1600 MHz system bus and four cores running at a brisk 3.2 GHz. When paired on the dual-socket Intel Desktop Board D5400XS, this platform breezes through modern benchmarks and advanced workloads.

Microsoft Launches Small Business Server

Posted: February 22, 2008 in Tech

Microsoft Corp. introduced the Windows Essential Server Solutions family of products, built on Windows Server 2008 and the newest Microsoft server technologies and services. The company also unveiled details about the newly named Windows Small Business Server 2008.

The Windows Essential Server Solutions family includes Windows Small Business Server 2008 and Windows Essential Business Server 2008 for midsize companies. Microsoft conducted extensive research and gathered in-depth feedback worldwide to design the solutions, in order to meet the unique needs of small and midsize customers and partners. The products integrate the technologies of Windows Server 2008, Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, and other Microsoft products and services into all-in-one solutions that are reliable, easy to manage and able to grow with customers.

Windows Small Business Server 2008, previously known by the code name “Cougar,” is ideal for organizations with up to 50 PCs, helping them protect business data, expand business productivity and present a professional image to customers. The new version adds a range of features and capabilities to the current, award-winning Small Business Server 2003 R2 product and, through integration with online services from Microsoft, is also an example of the company’s software plus services strategy.

Windows Essential Business Server 2008 is designed for the needs of midsize organizations with up to 250 desktops, helping IT professionals take control of their systems, reduce time spent “fighting fires” and focus more on strategic efforts to drive business growth. The solution includes built-in IT best practices and provides a unified console for management of key workloads and product licensing, which makes IT budgeting and purchase simpler and more predictable.

Cisco Chairman and Chief Executive Officer John Chambers called for industry and government to work together to develop technologies that address the world’s pressing environmental concerns.

“It is our responsibility as global citizens to help address the challenges of climate change. As a technology company, we are approaching this by not only reducing our own company’s carbon output, but also by helping our customers and partners use the network as a ‘green’ platform for sustainable business and government progress. If we are innovative and collaborative in our approach, ICT can dramatically improve how we manage our global environmental footprint and climate concerns,” Chambers said.

Studies have shown that ICT can have a large impact on reducing the environmental footprint of cities. According to a recent report by the American Council for an Energy- Efficient Economy, for every extra kilowatt-hour of electricity demanded by ICT, the U.S. economy increases its overall energy savings by a factor of 10. operator Automattic has confirmed that their blogging service has been facing a DOS attack since the last couple of days.

Due to this, access to the service is affected and some bloggers are unable to check out their accounts and blogs hosted on the servers of the company.

Automattic added that the service has been mostly restored by now and they are returning back to normal.