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Google Launches MS Sharepoint Challenger

Posted: February 28, 2008 in Tech

Google announced the launch of Google Sites, a program used for collaboration among teams of workers. This new offering from Google Apps will help to create a team site that brings together all the information a team needs to share, including docs, videos, photos, calendars and attachments.

The Google Sites service is based on a technology from a start-up called JotSpot that was acquired in October 2006. Like other elements of Google Apps, the service will be free and require no installation, maintenance or upgrades.

This new free service from Google is seen as a challenge to Microsoft Corp.’s SharePoint service that is charging a licensing fee.

Apple releases 1.1.4 iPhone update

Posted: February 28, 2008 in Tech

Apple has released the latest iPhone firmware update, fixing a couple problems that existed in the previous version.

The company did not detail what updates are in the 1.1.4 patch. It noted simply that the upgrade “includes bug fixes and supersedes all previous versions.”

Yahoo launches Open-Search Platform

Posted: February 28, 2008 in Tech

Yahoo has announced the launch of their Yahoo open-search platform.

This platform has been designed to provide the developers more tools to code more task-oriented, detailed search-page results.

The company is providing APIs to make this possible. They would now be able to create tools which would provide structured data in search result pages.

Symantec launches online backup service

Posted: February 28, 2008 in Tech

Symantec has announced their latest services which are web based and allow users/companies to take the backup of their data online.

The company launched two new packages: Symantec Online Backup and Symantec Online Storage for Backup Exec.

Symantec Online Backup is a web browser based service which allows for data backup and restoration. Symantec Online Storage for Backup Exec would complement their existing offering Backup Exec.

SAP is expected to release an upgrade for their ERP application.

This would be the third such enhancement package adding new features related to core functionality.  Market sources say that this release has more than 50 “enterprise services bundles.”

AMD announced it has worked closely with Microsoft throughout the Windows Server 2008 development process, to deliver the ultimate server solution. Through their strong partnership, both companies have optimized their respective hardware and software technologies to work together to address the demands of today’s global digital economy and meet the computing requirements of businesses of all sizes.

AMD Opteron processors were designed with 64-bit computing in mind and in combination with Windows Server 2008 they deliver a powerful platform for running business solutions that can maximize productivity and profitability. Customers using AMD Opteron processors, including Quad-Core AMD Opteron processors, and Windows Server 2008 can experience unparalleled performance, energy efficiency and investment protection, further pushing virtualization, web serving, and business intelligence capabilities into the mainstream.