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ASUS to name desktop EEE PC as Ebox

Posted: May 26, 2008 in Tech

Asus revealed that they are naming the desktop edition of the EEE PC as EBox.

Asus EBox will be powered with the same Eee’s Linux OS. It would be sold in both white and black color. The device would feature 2GB RAM and 160GB hard disk.

Cisco announced the availability of three patches for their router products. These patches are to fix bugs which are serious enough to crash their products.

One of the patches is to fix denial of service bugs in the SSH software in Cisco’s Internetwork Operating System. It also fixes a similar bug in their Cisco Service Control Engine.

Another patch is for privilege escalation vulnerability in its Voice Portal automated telephone customer service software.

Samsung launched their new solid state drive. This new drive has a storage capacity of 256 GB.

The company claims that this new drive is 2.4 times faster than traditional hard drives.

SAP said in a statement that they are unlikely to settle with database industry giant Oracle outside the court.

Oracle had filed a lawsuit against SAP last year accusing it of corporate theft and copyright infringement.