Dell found guilty of defrauding customers

Posted: May 28, 2008 in Tech

NY State Supreme Court Justice Joseph C. Teresi said Dell and its financing arm engaged in deceptive business practices related to financing promotions for its computers and technical support.

The judge said Dell engaged in repeated misleading, deceptive and unlawful business conduct, including false and deceptive advertising of financing promotions and the terms of warranties, fraudulent, misleading and deceptive practices in credit financing and failure to provide warranty service and rebates.

Dell said that it didn’t agree with the decision and it would be defending its position vigorously.

  1. VLynn, Odessa, TX says:

    I also had trouble with Dell. After 4 months the hard drive crashed. I paid to have my info retrieved by an independent. Dell sent another hard drive and phone # to call. After spending 12 hrs -yes 12 on the phone on day and 10 hrs the next day, I still had a computer that would not work as the original. I emailed and called and after 2 weeks of calling and emailing at least once daily(somedays 3-4 times) they finally sent another hard drive and an installation disk to a repairman. He came to the house, installed the hard drive, inserted the installation disk, told me it would take a couple of hours. It worked perfectly and just exactly as it had when it was new. I had to threaten to file suit, return the computer, and I talked to many supervisors. If you “hang in there” they eventually fix it. Not worth all the time and trouble. This was my second and LAST Dell!!

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