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Sony posts 47% profit slump

Posted: July 31, 2008 in Tech

Sony has posted a 47% fall in quarterly profit, hurt by its struggling mobile phone joint venture with Ericsson.

Net profit at Sony fell to $326 million in the period April to June, causing Sony to lower its forecast for the financial year by 17%, citing the slump at Sony Ericsson and fierce competition as rivals try to undercut its Cyber-shot digital cameras and Vaio laptops.

Sony said operating income from its electronics division tumbled as much as 57% during the quarter, on severe price competition in the digital and video camera segments, although sales and profitability improved on its Bravia range of liquid crystal display televisions.

Sony slashed its net income forecast for the full-year ending March 31, 2009, to 240 billion yen, 17% lower than the company’s May estimate of 290 billion yen. The Japanese electronics giant also expects full-year sales of 9.2 trillion yen, 2% higher than it projected in May.

Facebook pulls Scrabulous

Posted: July 31, 2008 in Tech

Facebook has pulled Scrabulous from its US and Canadian sites, following legal action from Hasbro. The social networking site took the action in response to a lawsuit filed against Scrabulous creators Rajat Agarwalla and Jayant Agarwalla.

In the suit Hasbro claims the game is “a clear and blatant” infringement on its copyright and demands it be removed from the site. The suit also seeks unspecified damages.

Scrabulous has been enormously successful since launch, and now features around 500,000 users.

The IEEE has approved IEEE 1394, “Standard for High Performance Serial Bus.” The revised specification combines and incorporates all previous IEEE 1394 standards developed since 1994.

Commercially known under the brand names of FireWire and i.LINK, the IEEE 1394 standard provides specifications for a high-speed serial bus which supports both asynchronous and isochronous communication and integrates well with most IEEE standard 32-bit and 64-bit parallel buses. More than 500 million IEEE 1394 ports have been produced since the standard was first published in 1995.

The 1394-2008 standard updates and revises all prior 1394 standards, including 1394a, 1394b, 1394c, enhanced UTP, and the 1394 beta plus PHY-Link interface. It also incorporates the complete specifications for S1600 (1.6 Gigabit/second bandwidth) and for S3200, which provides 3.2 Gigabit/second speeds.

Dell to Re-Enter MP3 Player Market

Posted: July 31, 2008 in Tech

Dell is planning to return to the MP3 player market.

The new Dell MP3 player will sport a small-screen, small-control music player that would use Wi-Fi to reach online music services. The device would cost less than $100 even with wireless in place.

Cisco Systems has announced that they are now acquiring Pure Networks. The deal is worth around USD 120 million.

Pure Networks specializes in developing home networking-management software and tools.

Cisco said that they expect this deal to be complete by their first quarter of fiscal year 2009.

ASUS Philippines launches its new generation EEE PC – the EEE PC 1000H and a space saving, power efficient computing solution – the EEE Box.

The EEE PC 1000H consumes less power, allows the device to boot quickly, produces less heat and is less susceptible to shock damage.

Merely 1L in size, the Eee Box is delightfully sleek. Slim as a paperback novel, users can reclaim the desk space previously lost to bulkier, intrusive desktop systems. The Eee Box even mounts VESA LCD displays for the ultimate space-saving solution. An accessible touch sensor button and vertical placement exudes a seamless and futuristic outlook; while smooth curves further accentuate a refined form that compliments most interior designs.

LG Electronics has launched its Scarlet TV set. The LG Scarlet is just 45mm thick, making it LG’s thinnest LCD TV. The Scarlet series has a striking appearance, utilizing a bright red design which will appeal to viewers who want a TV that is attractive to look at as well as to watch. The unique Scarlet television includes intelligent sensor technology which detects the surrounding light level and provides users with the perfect picture.

Scarlet is available in four different sizes, these include; 47in, 42in and 37in with 1,920 x 1,080 panels and a 32in set with a 1,366 x 768 resolution. Each television set features 15,000:1 (dynamic) contrast ratios and 24fps support. The larger two sets have 100Hz processing as well as the basic features already mentioned. Four HDMI 1.3 ports are available, as well as the usual selection of inputs such as s-video.