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Sharp Philippines Corporation (SPC) launches it ECOlogy campaign featuring the company’s newest environment-friendly and healthy products.

“The campaign aims to bring a greater awareness among Filipino consumers about Sharp’s green products and the global campaign of Sharp Corporation (Japan), SPC’s parent company, to become an environmentally-concious company,” said Mr. Kenji Okunaka, President and General Manager of SPC.

The products that were introduced are: AQUOS LCDs, various Plasmacluster ion generation products, healsio steam oven, and prototypes of Sharp’s thin-film solar panels and Sharp’s solar-powered LED (light emitting diode) street lamp.

Nintendo launches new DS

Posted: October 2, 2008 in Tech

Nintendo announced its new handheld and it’s calling the device the DSi.

The Nintendo DSi will feature a built in 0.3 (640×480) megapixel camera, along with a SD card slot for expanded storage. The DSi also comes with a larger 8.25 centimeter screen. The form-factor of the entire device was smaller by 12% and weighs 214g.

The new Nintendo DSi is to feature a built-in-browser, DSiWare and DSiShop infrastructure setups to be used by the browser.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer revealed that Microsoft is working on a new project – The project is named Windows Cloud. It could possibly be an operating system optimized to make use of cloud computing.

Windows Cloud is a totally different project from Windows 7 which would succeed the Windows Vista operating system.

AMD has announced that they are on track to launch their Shanghai range of processors before the end of the year.

The company said that the delays on their Barcelona range of chips are not going to happen to the Shanghai offering.

Reports indicated that Sony has started talks about a new Playstation, the PS4.

According to Japanese site PC Watch, the PS4 will still be based on the Cell Broadband Engine processor,

Speculations indicated that the new PS4 might have 802.11n to replace the existing 802.11b/g chipset; an external power supply for smaller casing and cooler; a bigger hard disk capacity; new graphics processor (Intel Larrabee) and a higher onboard memory.

The said new gaming device is rumored to become available by 2011.