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Creative announced a whole line of new products and technology designed to deliver the ultimate music listening experience.

– Creative Sound Blaster® X-Fi® Surround 5.1, the first USB 2.0 audio solution that provides users with the easiest upgrade from basic, built-in audio to the premium Xtreme Fidelity™ (X-Fi) audio experience for their PC and notebook. The X-Fi technology comprises two main features:
X-Fi 24-bit Crystalizer and X-Fi CMSS-3D.

– PCI Express Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Professional Series sound card delivers the ultimate PC gaming audio experience. Comes with realistic EAX® 5 sound effects and 3D positional audio that’s so accurate you can locate opponents by sound – even over headphones. Plus, get unbeatable performance in your games with hardware accelerated audio and X-RAM.

HP announced new products, services and solutions designed to simplify the implementation and management of virtualization so that the technology delivers greater business value.

HP’s approach to virtualization is focused on removing the technology inhibitors that reduce virtualization’s impact on the business. It highlights how applications and business services can perform well regardless of where and how they are hosted, networked or managed. It dramatically simplifies management across a combined virtual and physical world, and it addresses the issue of pooling infrastructure resources across an organization.
HP’s new offerings support business needs that span the desktop to the data center. They are focused on lowering operational cost, mitigating the risk of a heterogeneous environment and freeing resources to deliver new business services. These offerings are designed around three specific areas: applications and operations management, overcoming infrastructure barriers, and maximizing client architectures.

“Virtualization is a powerful step in transforming IT,” said Jim Wagstaff, Vice-President and General Manager, StorageWorks Division Enterprise Storage and Servers sucessfully managing and automating mixed and physical and virtual environments. HP delivers he industry’s broadest portfolio for vitualized environments, covering applications and operations management, infrastructure anc client architectures and support services.”

Former CA Philippines Head joins TIM

Posted: October 21, 2008 in Tech

Former CA Philippines Managing Director Lysander B. Salcedo is now the Business Development Director of Total Information Management (TIM).

In an exclusive interview, Salcedo said he took a leave after his stint as MD of CA Philippines, and return to work after TIM management invited him to join the company. “It’s like a homecoming for me since I worked with TIM before I join CA,” said Salcedo.

Salcedo’s responsibilities includes the international operation of TIM and at the same time he oversees the HP business of TIM in the Philippines.

Asus plans to introduce touchscreen Windows 7 Eee PCs as early as the second half of 2009. The announcement was made by Asus CEO Jerry Shen.

Shen added that Asus Eee PCs will never put Windows Vista with the netbooks. “It’s Linux and XP and then Windows 7.” said Shen.

Google chief executive Eric Schmidt has come out in support of Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama.

But Google has officially stated that they are remaining neutral in the coming presidential election.