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Lenovo launches the new IdeaPad S10e netbook for education. Designed for students for one-to-one computing in grades K-12 as well as those in higher education, the new netbook combines the portability of a small and light PC device starting under three pounds with Internet and multimedia functionality at an affordable price.

The new netbook comes with the Intel Atom processor, several choices of memory sizes and a variety of ports for expansion. Students can connect wired or wirelessly through Ethernet, WiFi and optional Bluetooth. Outfitted with a standard ExpressCard 34 slot, the netbook can also be enabled for mobile broadband.

Android OS Security Flaw Found

Posted: October 29, 2008 in Tech

A major flaw in the Google phone’s operating system was recently discovered. The flaw can allow a hacker to install keystroke logging software which would enable them to track which keys are pressed and thus giving access to password protected websites such as your online banking account.

Google says the problem has already been addressed by its software security experts.

Microsoft Office 14 embraces web browser

Posted: October 29, 2008 in Tech

Microsoft said that the next version of Office Suite (Office 14) would be usable within a web browser.

Microsoft added that this new feature addition would enable the users to view and edit documents and spreadsheets inside the web browser.

Dell announced a new line of OptiPlex commercial desktops, Flexible Computing Solutions and service offerings designed to reduce costs throughout the desktop lifecycle.

In total, the company is introducing four new platforms:

– OptiPlex 960 – enables up to 43 percent less power consumption to reduce energy costs over previous generation of OptiPlex desktops.

– OptiPlex 760 – offers mainstream security, productivity and energy efficient features with improved management capabilities.

– OptiPlex 360 – enables the performance needed to help customers build their business and drive essential office productivity.

– OptiPlex FX160 – Dell’s first thin client; supports embedded or streamed operating systems for virtual desktop implementations.

Yahoo introduced its Yahoo Open Strategy (Y!OS) 1.0 Developer Release, a set of programming resources to help developers to build social applications for use on Yahoo:

Yahoo! Social Platform
The Yahoo! Social Platform (YSP) consists of a suite of REST-based social APIs from Yahoo! including: Profiles, Connections, Updates, Contacts and Status. These services will make it possible for you to write social applications either on Yahoo! using the Application Platform or on your own website.

Yahoo! Query Language (YQL)
YQL is a new web service API that lets you access other web services using a SQL-like language rather than typical programmatic access. You can think of it as a command line version of Pipes. Its goal is to make data from Yahoo! as well as from across the internet universally accessible through a single common interface.

Yahoo! Application Platform (YAP)
YAP will soon become the mechanism for distributing your application to millions of users on Yahoo!’s homepages, media sites, and mail properties, some of the most trafficked sites on the Internet. The initial release supports a few programming models including:
– Developer hosted execution of applications with access to Yahoo’s Social APIs and YQL;
– Support for OpenSocial’s JavaScript API; and
– Support for server-side YML tags.