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Seagate announces its own 2TB hard drives

Posted: February 4, 2009 in Tech

Seagate announced that their Constellation family of enterprise hard drives would feature 2.5-inch and ES 3.5-inch drives with capacities of up to 2.0 TB.

Seagate said that these new drives would come in Serial Attached SCSI 6Gbit/sec or Serial ATA 3Gbit/sec editions.


Toshiba launches 1GHz Smartphone

Posted: February 4, 2009 in Tech

Toshiba recently announced their smartphone offering – the Toshiba TG01.

TG01 will be powered by a 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro, and will also have 3G (HSDPA), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth,and A-GPS.

AmicroSD memory card slot will add up to 32 GB of storage.

Google has announced that it will expand its current service on Google Maps to track individual user’s locations. Google Latitude will allow SmartPhone users to share their locations with others to track user’s last location, and help locate each other.

The service requires users to have a SmartPhone and use either a cell phone tower, GPS, or Wi-Fi to locate their location.

Microsoft has announced their latest advertising product named Gaze.

Microsoft Gaze are basically gadgets which can be installed on web pages. This gadget would showcase information related to a keyword in a small window.

The service is currently in beta testing available through invitations only.

Microsoft To Offer Six Windows 7 Versions

Posted: February 4, 2009 in Tech

Microsoft announced its plans to introduce Windows 7 Stock Keeping Units (SKU) which include six Windows 7 variations. The six variations are as follows:

Windows 7 Starter
– Available worldwide to OEMs on new PCs (count netbooks as well)
– Limited to run 3 simultaneous applications at a time (no Aero UI Tweaks)
– Enhanced Taskbar, Jump Lists, Action Center will exist

Windows 7 Home Basic
– Only available in emerging markets
– No Aero UI tweaks

Windows 7 Home Premium
– Available worldwide, to OEMs and in retail
– Includes Aero UI tweaks and features multi-touch capabilities
– Adds “premium” games and media capabilities (Media Center, DVD playback, DVD creation, etc.)
– Home Groups creation

Windows 7 Professional
– Available worldwide, to OEMs and in retail
– Includes all features of Premium
– Mobility Center, Presentation Mode, Offline Folders, Domain Join, Remote Desktop Host, location-based printing and enhanced networking capabilities (Remote Desktop host, domain support, offline folders, etc.) are added

Windows 7 Enterprise
– Available only in volume licenses
– Includes all features of Professional
– BranchCache, Direct Access and Bitlocker are added

Windows 7 Ultimate
– Includes all Enterprise version features
– Limited OEM and retail availability