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Yahoo Inc. paid $79 million to financial advisers last year to defend itself against an unsolicited buyout bid by Microsoft Corp., according to documents it filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

The records revealed that the company spent $79 million for 2008 for outside advisors related to Microsoft’s proposals to acquire all or a part of the company, other strategic alternatives, including the Google agreement, the proxy contest, and related litigation defence costs.


Intel refreshes logos

Posted: March 2, 2009 in Tech

Intel has launched two new logos for its Centrino and Core i7 range of processors.

The new logos, which represent the first logo refresh for a significant period of time, have been designed to bring the vendor’s new ranges into line with each other.

Blackberry Bold Overheats

Posted: March 2, 2009 in Tech

NTT Docomo suspends the sales of Blackberry Bold in the Japanese market due to overheating problem.

Reports say that the phone is getting extremely hot during the recharging process.

RIM has stated that the problem being reported is limited to the units being offered in the Japanese market.

MSI to launch Wind U123

Posted: March 2, 2009 in Tech

MSI will soon launch their latest netbook offering – the MSI Wind U123.

The 10.2 inch netbook will be powered by Intel’s Atom N280 processor and will be upgradeable to 2GB of RAM.

Sony, Phillips and Panasonic announced plans for collaborating with various Blu-ray patent holders in setting up a “one-stop shop” that would deal with all the licensing processes of the Blu-ray technology.

The license shop, which will include all the necessary patents of Blu-ray, along with CDs and DVDs, will make its debut sometime around in the middle of this year, and it would have its headquarters in the US with satellite branches in Europe, Asia, and Latin America.