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Lenovo announced that they would be manufacturing cheap notebook models powered with Nvidia Ion graphics platform.

Nvidia Ion platform is designed to be used with low-cost processors like the Intel Atom range which is popular in netbooks. Nvidia claims that using their platform, netbooks can be made much more powerful while keeping them low cost.

Microsoft to change Kumo to Bing?

Posted: May 25, 2009 in Tech

Microsoft announced that the new edition of Microsoft’s search engine is Kumo. But it seems Microsoft is having a change of heart. Reports are circulating that Microsoft is considering a new brand name for their search engine – its going to be called Bing.

Microsoft could spend as much as $80 to $100 million on an ad campaign promoting Bing as an alternative to Google Search.

Air Force said GPS fears groundless

Posted: May 25, 2009 in Tech

The US Air Force squashed suggestions that the GPS network is in danger of failing next year.

A report issued by Government spending watchdog the Government Accountability Office (GAO) claimed that the GPS network was in danger of going down as the US Air Force fell behind in launching new satellites.

Colonel Dave Buckman of the Air Force said the GPS will not go down. Buckman added that the Air Force has plenty of extra satellites in space, acting as backup should any of the primary satellites fail.

The GPS network comprises 31 satellites, with nearly $6 billion allocated over the next five years to maintain the satellite and ground control facilities.

Asus has confirmed that by July, it will have thinned the number of SKUs in its Eee PC range to just three.

The move will leave its Seashell (1008HA), 1005 and 1000 series netbook available. All will come with Windows XP pre-installed and feature ten-inch screens and 160GB hard drives.

Google has added another useful feature to Gmail called Inbox Preview.

Inbox preview would display a preview of your inbox while the regular version of the inbox loads in the background. Only the most recent 10 unread emails in the inbox are displayed.