Asus to phase out majority of Eee SKUs

Posted: May 25, 2009 in Tech

Asus has confirmed that by July, it will have thinned the number of SKUs in its Eee PC range to just three.

The move will leave its Seashell (1008HA), 1005 and 1000 series netbook available. All will come with Windows XP pre-installed and feature ten-inch screens and 160GB hard drives.

  1. Three words for this netbook: Stilysh, compact, slim. The covered ports are awesome and really makes this pc look expensive and original. Everyone in the office asks me about it because, compared to other netbooks, this one is really thin. Regarding the 2GB upgrade, you see when you run WinXP with customized desktops, antivirus & antispyware you’re pretty much about 416MB of ram. The other 584MB you can use for PPTs, (Internet Explorer, Itunes, and Outlook) and you’ll be fine. I have a friend who made the 2GB upgrade on this 1008HA and really, it doesn’t feel any faster (performance wise). Windows 7 Requires a minimum of 1GB of ram for a 32BIT, so when the final release comes out it will run perfect. I’d give 5 stars just because $385 bucks really makes it worth of the price being 1/4th of a macbook air. You won’t regret it.

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