Fortinet enables End-to-end Security Compliance with FortiOS 4.0

Posted: June 3, 2009 in Tech

Fortinet Philippines announced its FortiOS 4.0 operating system, a major firmware upgrade which integrates hundreds of new features to significantly improve the value and functionality of its FortiGate® multi-threat security appliances. Four of the most notable features of Fortinet’s new OS include application control, data leakage protection (DLP), WAN optimization and SSL traffic inspection.

FortiOS 4.0: Enhanced, Accelerated, Secured
The rich set of functionalities that FortiOS 4.0 brings to FortiGate appliances will dramatically enhance security and network performance as detailed below:
– Application Control – to recognize traffic as the application which is generating it, instead of the port or protocol observed; enforces security policy for more than 1000 applications; facilitates control over evasive applications that use non-standard ports, port-hopping, or tunneling within trusted ports and protocols;

– Data Leakage Prevention – to help identify and prevent the communication of sensitive information outside of the network boundaries; works across any application and also is effective where traffic is SSL-encrypted; configurable actions provides audit trails for data and files, aids in legislative compliance; protects an organization’s sensitive information;

– WAN Optimization – to accelerate applications over WAN connections while ensuring multi-threat security enforcement; increases network performance; reduces data transmitted across a WAN; reduces bandwidth and server resource requirements, improves user productivity; reduces networking costs (FortiGate models with local storage capabilities are required to take advantage of this feature);

– SSL Inspection – to increase security and policy control among encrypted traffic streams; inspects otherwise hidden communication; increased protection for secure web and application servers; improved visibility into network traffic.

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