LG launches new full HD LCD TV- Scarlet LH70

Posted: June 7, 2009 in Tech

LG Electronics Philippines announced the launch of the new Scarlet (Model: LH70), a full HD LCD TV that combines the highest level of slim sophistication and sleek refinement with incredible picture quality.

For image display perfection The new Scarlet LH70 comes with TruMotion 100Hz technology that is supported by 2 ms (milisecond) response time . The result is the image is smooth and not shaded. Contrast ratio on new scarlett up to 100.000:1 cause of Full HD 1080p technology support.

LG LH70 provides a truly personalized home entertainment experience with support for Bluetooth, USB 2.0 and DivX. It connects directly to mobile phones through Bluetooth allowing consumer to easily display mobile pictures and movies in the living room. A USB 2.0 port and DivX support make it easy to watch high resolution video files stored on external hard discs, memory cards or other USB devices. Features like Expert Mode, AV mode and 24p Real Cinema ensure great picture quality for any type of programming.

LG fully understands that TVs are no longer limited to how they look, sound and perform, but how they affect the environment. That is why the LH70 includes Smart Energy Saving Plus, a technology that reduces power consumption by precisely controlling the TV’s backlight.

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