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Microsoft launches the full Windows Mobile 6.5 with the Windows Marketplace which is now live for all WinMo 6.5 phones.

Windows Mobile 6.5 is set to take over from Windows Mobile 6.1 and is seen as a prelude till the next generation Windows Mobile 7 arrives.

Windows Marketplace for mobile is Microsoft’s answer to Apple AppStore, where mobile users will be able to download applications.

McAfee offers online backup service

Posted: October 5, 2009 in Tech

McAfee announced their online backup service. They are using Mozy technology to power this new service. McAfee Online Backup would cost the customer $59.99 per PC per year.

Users would get unlimited space to store their content online. It is currently available in the US market though McAfee aims to expand the availability to other markets soon.

More attacks on Facebook said AVG

Posted: October 5, 2009 in Tech

Security firm AVG has warned that Facebook social network is being used by scammers to target users with spywares. Fake profile pages are being made with similar data but links to harmful content.

AVG Blog post said “The Data Snatchers have found a way to automate the creation of Facebook accounts, which means they’ve found a way to bypass the Facebook Captcha (the image of letters which are required for a new account, which are supposed to ensure that a human is involved).”

Adobe Unveils Flash Player 10.1

Posted: October 5, 2009 in Tech

Adobe recently unveiled Flash Player 10.1. The software will be availabe for “smartphones, smartbooks, netbooks, PCs and other Internet-connected devices.” According to Adobe, this will be the first full Flash player to be supported by smartphones.

Adobe also announced that RIM and Google has join the Open Screen Project bringing the member companies to almost 50.

Microsoft Corp co-founder Bill Gates still holding the top spot on the Forbes 400 list of wealthiest Americans with a fortune of $50 billion.

Warren Buffett, who’s worth $40 billion, comes in No.2 in the Forbes magazine’s annual ranking, followed by Oracle founder Lawrence Ellison ($27 billion) and members of the Walton family, owners of Walmart. The four Waltons have fortunes between $21.5 billion and $19 billion.