Sony launches Sony Vaio-X Series, make.believe brand message

Posted: October 13, 2009 in Tech

Sony Philippines recently unveiled the new Sony VAIO X Series. Extremely light, thin, and with long battery life, featuring wireless connection and assured high quality design and build; this is the perfect mobile notebook for business persons on the go. The VAIO X Series is easy to carry around since it is not only light but also breathtakingly thin, measuring just 13.9 mm full flat, which is basically about the width of a mobile phone. Also, by changing to the optional 8-cell battery, it even lasts 16 hours of consecutive use that means the user is able to use it through a whole working day without recharging.

The VAIO X features a high quality wide 11.1” LCD with 1366 x 768 pixel (VAIO Display Premium, LED backlight), comfortable typing 17 mm key pitch isolation keyboard & new touch pad with convenient multi-finger gestures such as zoom and flick navigation, and various interface like VGA and LAN port and built-in webcam to enhance the essential piece of usability in business scenes. Despite the VAIO X’s extreme mobility, Sony makes sure that its powerful performance is not neglected. By the combination of the latest Intel® Atom™ Processor Z550 (2 GHz) (VPCX117LG), solid state drive, and Windows® 7, it is sure to provide a satisfactory business usage on the go. Optional accessories include a luxurious slip case in genuine leather and a dramatically styled wireless mouse.

Sony also announced “make.believe” (make dot believe), a new Group-wide brand message that unites Sony’s communication initiatives across various genres – electronics, games, movies, music, mobile phones and network services. It provides a single face to convey the magic of all that is Sony. The introduction of make.believe symbolizes Sony’s spirit of creativity and innovation and marks the first time the Company has introduced a unified brand message encompassing the whole spectrum of its offerings.


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