Sony launches New VAIO Models

Posted: February 8, 2010 in Tech

Sony Philippines unveils its new line-up of VAIO models, the global brand is doing more than simply broadening the options available to Filipino customers. It is defining a new standard for selecting one’s PC – one that values a personal encounter with uncompromising quality and premiumness, and an intimate understanding of who you are and what your needs may be.

VAIO Z offers usability enriched by prominent technology
The slim and mobile VAIO Z Series is equipped with very powerful CPU and SSD to offer the performance close to a desktop PC. It is equipped with Intel’s latest and top-of-the-line Core™ i5 CPU, which provides ultimate performance for the toughest tasks. In addition, it is equipped with the innovative SSD (solid-state drive), which performs significantly faster than conventional HDD (hard disk drive) in transferring data to minimize the time it requires to complete their handful tasks.

VAIO CW handles 3D games and easier photo and video editing
Sony proudly unveils the newest version of VAIO CW Series which features new Intel® Core™ i5 / Intel® Core™ i3 CPU’s, and the new generation of powerful NVIDIA ® GeForce® graphics. The VAIO CW Series has been introduced late last year, as a perfect mix of passionate design and high performance. Now, equipped with new technologies and software, it allows easier photo and video-editing and better 3D gaming experience. With its five glossy colours, the new VAIO CW series can let you express your personality and at the same time, enjoy multimedia entertainment in style.

VAIO S, the well-rounded mobile PC
Weighing just 2kg, the VAIO S Series is designed to be your perfect partner whenever and wherever you use it. The VAIO S features an innovative backlit keyboard* that detects the brightness of your surroundings with its ambient sensor, turning the backlight on automatically as you type in a dark environment, like in an airplane.

The VAIO S is equipped with an Intel® Core™ i5 CPU to handle multiple tasks efficiently, and an NVIDIA® GeForce® 310M GPU with 512MB of dedicated video memory supporting CUDA™ technology to run video and graphics smoothly. The VAIO S comes with four color variations, including black, white, pink, and green.

VAIO F delivers full High Definition

The VAIO F Series is the ultimate Full HD studio, offering comprehensive entertainment and multimedia solutions ranging from professional-grade Full HD video and RAW image editing to Blu-ray Disc™ playback and 3D gaming.

The VAIO F is equipped with an Intel® Core™ i7 processor, enabling effective parallel processing and ensuring faster processing speeds even while multitasking. Enhanced with Turbo Boost Technology, this powerful quad-core processor handles 3D gaming and other processing-intensive tasks with ease.

VAIO W goes green
Within the plastic used for top cover, palm rest, and bottom cover, the VAIO W contains approximately 20% reprocessed plastic made from DVD and CD waste. By using the recycled plastic parts, carbon dioxide emissions within the production process are reduced by approximately 10% compared to using regular plastic.
In addition to its usage of recycled plastic parts, customers will receive their VAIO W in a carrying bag instead of the traditional cardboard box packaging, which doubles up as a protective case for the notebook. This unique packaging is both stylish and eco-friendly as the brown exterior fabric is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles (PET) material.

The enhanced VAIO W features a 10.1″ wide (WXGA: 1366 x 768) TFT colour display which allows users to enjoy a comfortable viewing experience. It also comes with an energy efficient Atom™ Processor N450, 250GB hard disk, Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 3150, and is compatible with the MS Duo PRO-HG Memory Card and SD Memory Card.

VAIO Y sub-notebook on the go for both work and play
VAIO Y Series’ sleek and compact body has plenty of power with its standard bundled battery that is designed to last 6 hours, while its optional L battery can last up to 9 hours, allowing you to use the new VAIO through a full working day, plus some extra private time. An ideal mobile PC, it merely weighs 1.77kg, while the AC adapter weighs just 0.2kg.

Furthermore, the VAIO Y Series provides a range of powerful features, such as a 13.3-inch wide WXGA LCD display with LED backlight for a clear detailed view of documents and photos, WLAN/Bluetooth for wireless connectivity, a webcam for a video conferencing and HDMI output for connecting to a large screen TV.

Daily multimedia tasks such as making of reports, taking notes, blogging or catching up on important assignment are so easy as the new VAIO Y is equipped with Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor SU7300 (1.30 GHz) and 320GB of 2.5-inch HDD, and pre-installed with Windows® 7 operating system.

VAIO Prestige
With its new line-up, VAIO sets itself apart from the rest of the landscape as the brand of true prestige. But prestige means more than just receiving external acclaim and recognition. More importantly, it means having premiumness of character and sophistication of mind, spirit, and form. It is about substance and elegance. Power and beauty. All these, made closer to you.


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