SMEs can now track deliveries and personnel with PLDT FASTrack

Posted: February 14, 2010 in Tech

PLDT-SME Nation recently introduces a service called “FASTrack”, a service that will allow entrepreneurs to track the movements of their company vehicles and even their field personnel, resulting in improved safety, security and cost-efficiency. Essentially, FASTrack is a high-tech service that allows SMEs to track and monitor the location of company vehicles and personnel as they travel en route to their set destination.

FASTrack uses a portable, pocket-sized homing device that is wirelessly connected to a GPS (Global Positioning System) network. The network relies on satellite navigation technology to monitor the location of business field assets; providing on-the-road, real-time tracking of delivery personnel and vehicles.

“PLDT FASTrack is specifically designed to help SMEs track their vehicle-carrying goods while in transit. Its features and monitoring tools enable business owners to determine the whereabouts of their fleet or vehicles thus allowing them to extract maximum efficiency and productivity from their employees,” says PLDT SME-Nation Vice President and Head Kat Luna-Abelarde.

PLDT FASTrack would be of great benefit to companies that require delivery of goods as part of their operations such as manufacturing, wholesale and retail trade; security and investigation; and service and utility companies.

“This simple device can offer a number of features that protects your business from bad elements and illegal operations that most business owners fear when it comes to transporting goods. Even their field agents can carry the device along with them,” says Amil Azurin, PLDT SME-Nation Marketing Head.

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