Avaya/Nortel reveals Enterprise Solutions Integrated Portfolio Roadmap

Posted: March 5, 2010 in Tech

Avaya/Nortel recently announced their Enterprise Solutions Integrated Portfolio Roadmap which includes unified communications, SME communications solutions, contact center offerings and data products. Each area includes a product offering that is based on Avaya technology and utilizes complementary Nortel technology, either in part or in whole.

At the heart of the Avaya-Nortel combined vision is unified communications, in particular the Avaya Aura platform. Aura, launched almost a year ago, is a fully SIP [Session Initiation Protocol] based platform for unified communications. It will also include the former Nortel (now Avaya) Agile Communications Environment (ACE). Contact center, meanwhile, will utilize Aura as its base and incorporate technology from Nortel that include agent desktop, work assignment, experience management and analytics, shifting the contact center model to one that is more collaborative.

Avaya’s SME communications portfolio will include Avaya IP Office, BCM, Norstar, PARTNER and Integral 5 for now, but plans are in the works to converge the platforms to Avaya IP Office. The new IP Office would blend both Nortel and Avaya technology, including handsets, interfaces and features.


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