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Apple recently appointed Jerry R. Lacson as Apple Philippines country general manager. As the new Apple country GM, Lacson will be responsible in managing sell through of all Apple partners.

Before joining Apple, Lacson heads the Consumer of Sales Department of Samsung Electronics Philippines Corporation for six years and then served as General Manager, marketing division of Samsung for almost seven years. He then joins Dell Philippines as Director DELL Consumer & 1DD Sales.


With its new white paper, Energy Logic: Calculating and Prioritizing Your Data Center IT Efficiency Actions, Emerson Network Power takes the next step by using a placeholder metric to highlight the value of measuring data center efficiency in the same way that litres-per-kilometre provides an easily understood, agreed-upon efficiency measure for cars.

The new Energy Logic white paper introduces the concept of CUPS, or Compute Units per Second, to demonstrate how a metric can work. CUPS is a relative measure of server output, based on average server performance.

Brain Audio-Visual Corporation has launched Eiki Industrial Systems’ newest 3D Projection System before its valued clients in an Appreciation Night recently at the Marriot Hotel, Resorts World.

Brain Audio –Visual Corporation’s president Freddie To stressed that their company’s commitment to provide its clients the best products they need to maintain competitive edge has been one of the reasons why they have remained loyal to the company throughout its 20-year existence.

“We see your needs, we listen to your feedback, we make ourselves accessible at all times” said To.

PC Gilmore and Infinite Networks Solution recently launch a new product called Suzuki – a highly reliable, great performance and extremely durable notebook that will surely meet the requirements of every individual workers who actually do their job while they are moving.

During the said launch PC Gilmore paraded a number of Suzuki notebooks and netbooks for the users to choose from – Neutron 1002 QNi (P14,695.00), Neutron 1003QNi (P15,795.00), Neutron 1004SNi (P14,895.00), Larisa 1418TLi (P22,995.00), Europa 1415JES (P24,795.00), Europa 1212AES (P27,595.00) and the Neutron 1001UNi (P12,495.00).

For some models, it even comes with free USB optical mouse, USB speakers and sleeves.

Google Debuts Android ‘Froyo’

Posted: May 23, 2010 in Tech

Google officially introduces Android 2.2 Froyo.

Hewlett-Packard Co. announced that it is recalling more notebook personal computer (PC) batteries that have the potential to overheat and pose a fire and burn hazard to consumers. The latest move is an expansion of a previous program initially launched on May 14, 2009, with additional battery packs and notebook models.

Acer has denied reports that the company will be launching a netbook based on Google’s Chrome operating system.