Apple could face Flash antitrust probe

Posted: May 4, 2010 in Tech

U.S. antitrust enforcers are considering an investigation of Apple Inc. following a complaint from Adobe Systems Inc., stating that allegedly Apple is stifling competition by barring developers from using Adobe’s products to create applications for iPhones and iPads.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs highlighted some of the most important reasons why Apple would not support Flash on their mobile devices. Here are some:

– Adobe Flash is not open enough. Apple wants to promote open standards like HTML5 on their mobile devices.

– Adobe claims that most of the web uses Flash to power their high end features. But most of this is related to streaming video which can be accomplished using open standards (HTML5). And a lot of popular web services are already supporting iPhone and iPad using the alternatives.

– Adobe Flash is not secure and has terrible performance on the mobile platform.

– Adobe Flash hurts the battery life of the mobile devices.

– Adobe Flash is not optimized for touchscreens. Most of the Flash capable content on the web is designed for desktops not mobile devices.


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