Microsoft presents a more streamlined and faster Hotmail

Posted: May 18, 2010 in Tech

Microsoft Corp. previewed the new Windows Live Hotmail – the next generation of personal email – designed with smart tools that help people manage the clutter in their inboxes, save time on the most common tasks they do with email, take the headache out of sharing large attachments like photos, and view and edit Microsoft Office documents right in the Hotmail inbox using just a browser.

With the new Hotmail, customers will also find ways to save time doing the things they most often do with email because Hotmail is giving people the ability to do things that would normally require them to leave their inboxes and jump to other websites. Now customers will be able to see rich previews of photos and videos from popular sites like Flickr and YouTube and see the status of tracked packages in real time, inside their emails. They’ll also be able to accept invitations to connect with someone on a social or professional networking site like LinkedIn – all from the convenience of their inboxes.

One of the biggest changes to Hotmail is the increased ability to manage and share personal photos and documents. Today, people are sharing over 1.5 billion photos and 350 million Microsoft Office documents per month in Hotmail. Still, the “attachment size problem” remains, regardless of which mail service people use. The new Hotmail lets customers send up 10 GB of attachments in a single message, erasing worries of attachment size limits. Send up to 200 attachments – each up to 50 MB in size – in a single message.

With the new version of Hotmail customers are able to view and edit Office documents right in inbox, and all you need is your browser to do so.


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