Brain Audio-Visual Corp. intros newest projection systems

Posted: May 30, 2010 in Tech

Brain Audio-Visual Corporation has launched Eiki Industrial Systems’ newest 3D Projection System before its valued clients in an Appreciation Night recently at the Marriot Hotel, Resorts World.

Brain Audio –Visual Corporation’s president Freddie To stressed that their company’s commitment to provide its clients the best products they need to maintain competitive edge has been one of the reasons why they have remained loyal to the company throughout its 20-year existence.

“We see your needs, we listen to your feedback, we make ourselves accessible at all times” said To.

Among the guests during the day-long affair were the President of Eiki Industrial Systems of Japan, Kawabata San, and Eiki Industrial Systems, Malaysia CEO KC Tan.

Brain Audio-Visual Corporation likewise endeavors for its clients to have the total experience in its presentations, whether it be for education, business or government. Brain Audio-Visual Corporation is the sole Philippine distributor of EIKI Audio Visual Projection Systems. It has been in the business for two decades starting out with computer systems and then later branching out to audio-visual equipment.


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