Emerson Network Power Advances Energy Logic Strategy

Posted: May 30, 2010 in Tech

With its new white paper, Energy Logic: Calculating and Prioritizing Your Data Center IT Efficiency Actions, Emerson Network Power takes the next step by using a placeholder metric to highlight the value of measuring data center efficiency in the same way that litres-per-kilometre provides an easily understood, agreed-upon efficiency measure for cars.

The new Energy Logic white paper introduces the concept of CUPS, or Compute Units per Second, to demonstrate how a metric can work. CUPS is a relative measure of server output, based on average server performance.

Using data from multiple industry sources, Emerson Network Power calculated the change in CUPS between 2002 and 2007, providing a common server performance measure required to calculate efficiency.

The analysis also helps data center managers prioritise energy efficiency decisions. Using the CUPS metric, the report shows that the 10 prioritised strategies proposed in the original Energy Logic white paper increase data center efficiency by 3.6 times.

The measurement also pinpoints three strategies with the most impact – faster replacement of IT technologies, virtualisation and high-density architecture.


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