PC Gilmore launches Suzuki Notebooks

Posted: May 30, 2010 in Tech

PC Gilmore and Infinite Networks Solution recently launch a new product called Suzuki – a highly reliable, great performance and extremely durable notebook that will surely meet the requirements of every individual workers who actually do their job while they are moving.

During the said launch PC Gilmore paraded a number of Suzuki notebooks and netbooks for the users to choose from – Neutron 1002 QNi (P14,695.00), Neutron 1003QNi (P15,795.00), Neutron 1004SNi (P14,895.00), Larisa 1418TLi (P22,995.00), Europa 1415JES (P24,795.00), Europa 1212AES (P27,595.00) and the Neutron 1001UNi (P12,495.00).

For some models, it even comes with free USB optical mouse, USB speakers and sleeves.

In an exclusive interview with Mr. Andy Ng, Sales Manager of Suzuki notebooks, the company will be releasing more models within the year and will even be opening a concept store for customers to try out their products and a service center as well – to show their company’s commitment to their product quality and customer satisfaction.

  1. allan bautista says:

    I bought one in Vmall Greenhills, at first im hesitant but after using it for a while.

    Its value for your money, now atleast we have alternative brands for quality and price.


    • json_001 says:

      bought 1 this afternoon for my sister.. so far i’m impress.. great value for the money.. i just hope the battery life would also be ok in the long run..

  2. Hansel says:

    Plan ko tlga mkabili nyan,pg tym aq mkaluwas me jan s manila..as of now,search muna ng mga feeback to insure lang n mganda tlga quality nyan..

  3. maria theresa osias says:

    ask ko lang kung umiinit ba ung ilalim nyan, ang asus kasi sa gilid ang singaw

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