Experience High-Definition with Aspire One

Posted: June 13, 2010 in Tech

With the entry of the phenomenal netbooks, the world has seen the evolution of the computer as indeed a truly revolutionary and everyday-use device to aid people in their daily tasks, whether for the office or for the home, and Acer, one of the world’s most trusted computer manufacturers launched excellent range of netbooks, starting with the Acer Aspire One 521 and Aspire One 751, has become the world’s ultimate take-with-you digital playmates.

The Aspire One 521 is powered by the AMD Athlon II Neo Dual Mobile Processor K125 (1.7GHz, 1MB L2 Cache, 800MHz FSB) processor that enables multi-tasking of visually-intense and high-definition applications at blinding speeds. This powerful processor is ably supported by the AMD M880G Chipset for better performance and together with a 1GB DDR3 memory, allows for a simultaneous processing of different demanding applications where other PCs with lesser firepower would have normally conked out.

Graphics quality is another plus, assured this time by the Aspire One 521’s ATI Radeon HD4225 Graphics with 384MB of dedicated system memory. But graphics power cannot stand on its own without proper display qualities, which the Aspire One 521 has with its 10-inch SD high-brightness LED-backlit TFT LCD display that makes videos and images spring up with life-like quality and realism.

Enough storage space is also assured with the 250GB SATA hard drive and built-in Acer Invilink Nplify wireless LAN for assured wireless connectivity for seamless communication with colleagues, friends, family and relatives wherever they may be.

Its sibling, the Aspire One 721, on the other hand, comes in with an AMD Athlon Neo Dual-Core Processor K125 (1MB L2 Cache, 1.7GHz, 800MHz FSB) processor with the same chipset as that of the Aspire One 521. Graphics-wise, the Aspire One 721 also carries the ATI Radeon HD 4225 Graphics for smooth, crisp video streaming.

Both Aspire One 521 and Aspire One 721 features Multi-gesture Touchpad that is perfect for scrolling, rotating and zooming images, browsing- all with mouse-less, fingertip convenience. And just like the Aspire One 521, the Aspire One 721 has built-in wireless LAN for effortless connectivity and Acer CrystalEye web cam for flawless communication, a huge file house of 2GB DDR3 memory and 250GB SATA hard drive, and Genuine Windows 7 Home Basic that runs the whole thing and make this beauty of a laptop a truly admirable gadget for the 21st century.

These ultra-mobile gadgets do not only deliver the much-needed applications and specifications required for multi-tasking but also with its powerful AMD processor and chipset, Aspire One 521 and Aspire One 721 gives you the first-hand experience of High-Definition viewing with the aid of ATI Radeon HD 4225 Graphics with 384 dedicated system memory. This application allows high-definition playback of your favorite movies, Internet Video and DVDs. The smooth streaming of videos can be more enjoyed by the HDMI connectivity function of these Aspire Ones. Just connect your Aspire One on large peripheral displays and enjoy crisp and clear videos instantly.


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