VAIO P Brings Sexy Back With Mobile Grip Style, Touchpad and Intelligent Sensor

Posted: June 13, 2010 in Tech

Sony proudly unveils the new Sony VAIO P series. With its new technology, convenient and comfortable structure and bright playful colors, pink and orange, the new VAIO P is perfect for fashionistas who love to be connected everywhere.

Lighter Than A Purse
It’s smaller than a notebook and lighter than a purse: the colorful new VAIO P Series from Sony is your perfect partner for on-the-go computing.

Easy enough to effortlessly slip into a jacket pocket or a bag, the VAIO P, weighing just over 600g, is compact enough to bring anywhere. Update your Facebook and Twitter wherever you are. Type in your blog or read an ebook at the park, school, mall or your favorite coffee shop. The new VAIO P’s size and weight is so hassle-free that it allows you to remain connected with your friends and with Twitterverse with all the power of a fully-featured Windows® computing experience.

New Mobile Style Technology
This is the perfect gadget for busy and on-the-go people with its new Mobile Grip Style. The stick pointer located in the middle of the keyboard is now complemented by an additional touchpad and mouse buttons. Duplicating the main controls of a hand-held game console, the mouse buttons and touchpad are located at the left and right side of the screen so that users can have a comfortable and easy power of the controls. You can now use both of your hands while making use of the VAIO P.

The all new built-in accelerometer is also great for those who love to read ebooks! With just a slight turn of your VAIO P, you can now read an ebook as naturally as you read a real book. Tilt to the right or left to ‘flick’ the pages of a PDF document. When turned to its side vertically, the VAIO P’s sensor automatically ‘flips’ the screen for easy reading of documents or webpages. To add to that, you can still use the ‘flick’ function or use the notebook’s additional mouse buttons for comfortable page-turning when you’re reading in vertical position – just like a paperback book or a magazine.

You can also use this new technology for easier browsing of your pictures and to navigate back and forth through your web browsing history.

Easy and Convenient Usage
The bright and extra-wide VAIO Display is perfect for viewing videos or surfing the net. Multi-taskers can easily view two web pages side-by-side while working.
The new VAIO P is also designed with a comfortably sized keyboard, which makes typing easy and comfortable despite the compact size of this mobile PC. The VAIO P’s dedicated buttons are also built into the PC for your extra convenience.

The “Web Button” for Quick Web Access allows you to start surfing the web even without booting up Windows® OS. With a simple touch of the “ASSIST Button”, you may access the VAIO Care which helps with the basic maintenance and troubleshooting tasks to keep your VAIO in good condition. And lastly, the “Resolution Change Button” of the VAIO P allows you to switch the resolution of the LCD from 1600 x 800 to 1280 x 600 with one-touch for comfortable viewing.

To add to that, there’s also an ambient light sensor that dims screen illumination for comfortable viewing as well as to save energy.


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