HP announces key breakthroughs in its supplies portfolios

Posted: June 22, 2010 in Tech

HP recently announced key breakthroughs in its supplies portfolios that deliver greater energy savings, enhanced monochrome print quality, glass and gamut improvements and significant cost savings. These value-added innovations will benefit customers in their race to get ahead while being assured of HP reliability.

One of the announcement made is about the HP pigment inks, formulated with an HP exclusive pigment dispersion technology—Electrosteric Encapsulation Technology (EET)—to deliver rich, vibrant color and exceptional fade resistance of more than 200 years. Since fade resistance and color vibrancy are affected by the size of the pigment particles, HP carefully optimizes both the pigment chemistry and particle size to deliver professional image quality and the best photo permanence on the market.

HP’s unique stabilization technology and ink design produce a highly stable pigment dispersion that resists pigment settling, a common occurrence with lesser quality pigment inks. The key to delivering a reliable, consistent ink is to ensure that pigment particles do not stick together and form larger particles. EET maintains particle separation and helps provide dispersion stability for reliable, consistent printing performance.

HP’s unique EET design results in a freer-flowing, less viscous ink, so printhead nozzles operate efficiently, even after relatively long periods of exposure to air.


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