Innotech Lab to offer Technology Proficiency Skills

Posted: June 24, 2010 in Tech

The Commission of Information and Communications Technology (CICT) and the National Computer Institute (NCI) of the National Computer Center announced the launch of the Innovative Technologies Laboratory (InnoTech Lab) in joint cooperation with RedFox Technologies Philippines, Intel Microelectronic Philippines and Microsoft Philippines.

The new facility is equipped with 21 RedFox RDX V7 and V8 desktop computers powered by the all-new 2010 Intel Core i3 processor. All PC are Internet-enabled and run on the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system.

The new Innotech Lab will provide participants richer learning and working environment, and provide the NCI with the capabilities to expand its training program in the near future. The NCI plans to offer more programs and modules such as Management Program on E-Governance (MPEG) and as a review center for government participants to the IS auditing Certification exam (CISA).

In an exclusive interview, RedFox CEO Mr. Andy Te said his company is committed to provide state of the art equipment to the project. “People will not only see but they will be able to try and test the soon to be released technology gadgets. RedFox will continue to update the Lab. A modern and up-to-date Philippines is within reach.” said Te.


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