Avaya Philippines held Contact Center Tour

Posted: June 30, 2010 in Tech

Avaya Philippines recently held the Avaya Contact Center Tour to demonstrate how contact centers can benefit from Avaya communications’ latest contact center and disaster recovery solutions – which offers highly reliable contact center solutions that will customer service and help companies compete more effectively.

Ed Doctolero, Senior Country Director, Avaya Philippines said Avaya is fully committed to support the Philippine contact center industry by providing them with the best and most effective solution there is.

“Avaya focuses on customer-driven processes to provide support for best-practice CRM and contact center management, customer segmentation strategies and commitment management for delivery and fulfillment that can help increase customer loyalty. The comprehensive Avaya Contact Center portfolio includes strategic alliances with market leaders that can power enterprise-wide initiatives and help improve overall business performance” said Doctolero.

Avaya’s contact center solutions include intelligent routing, self-service and proactive contactapplications that drive effective communications and transactions with customers. In addition,Avaya’s analytics and reporting platform, Avaya IQ, provides companies with detailed customerinformation that improves profitability and customer retention.

Philippine contact centers can now accelerate self-service interactions across channels for efficient operations thanks to the services offered by Avaya, a global market leader in enterprise communications systems.

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