Globe Telecom launches new plan offering with My Fully Loaded

Posted: June 30, 2010 in Tech

To further address the needs of the consumer, Globe Telecom introduces My Fully Loaded Plan, the first and only consumable postpaid plan that lets you choose and change your freebies as often as every month.

Catherine Santamaria, Globe Brand Head said My Fully Loaded Plan will provide consumers the flexibility to choose the kind of plan they want. “My Fully Loaded Plan are for those who wants to customize their plans. Not everyone is into “unlimited”, this is one offering that puts the control and choices into our customers hands” said Santamaria.

Globe’s new ‘Fully Loaded Plan’ starts at PHP 299 and can go as high as PHP 3,799. How to choose your Fully Loaded Plan:

Step 1: Choose your Plan

Plan 299
Plan 499
Plan 999
Plan 1799
Plan 2499
Plan 3799

Step 2: Choose your Freebies

Plan 299 – Choose 1 from A-D
Plan 499 – Choose 2 from A-D
Plan 999 – Choose 3 from A-E
Plan 1799 – Choose 5 from A-E
Plan 2499 – Choose 7 from A-E
Plan 3799 – Choose 9 from A-E or Choose 1 F

These are the following freebies that you may get with your fully loaded plan:

A – Free calls and texts to Globe/TM (10 min. calls & 200 SMS)
B – Free calls and texts to other networks (5 min. calls & 25 SMS)
C – Free International calls and texts to 10 Destinations (20 mins. IDD and 10 ISMS) (Destinations included are: US, Canada, Guam, Hawaii, Alaska, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Thailand)
D – Free mobile surfing (3 hours)
E – Free SUPER ONE unlimited calls and texts to ONE GLOBE NUMBER
F – Free Super Surf (Unlimited Surfing)

Plan 299 and Plan 499 subscribers may also add E for an additional fee. 100 pesos will be deducted from the consumable load.

Each freebie that you choose to go with your plan is set to auto-renew every thirty days. You have the option to change the freebies that you will get every month as you wish by calling the Globe Hotline or by going to a Globe Store near you.

Step 3: Add a Free handset (optional)

Plan 299: Samsung E2120 or Nokia 1680
Plan 499: Samsung C3053 or Nokia 2690
Plan 999: Samsung C3510 or Nokia X3
Plan 1799: BlackBerry Curve 8520 or HTC Tattoo
Plan 2499: Samsung B7610 or Nokia X6
Plan 3799: iPhone 3GS 16GB or BlackBerry Bold 9700

  1. ronalyn says:

    how would i apply for the plan?what are the requirements to be able 4 me 2 subscribe?actually am a loyal globe user but i can hardly inquire here in our place because you don’t have a wireless center here…thanks

  2. toni says:

    can i still register to UNLITXT services for this plan?

  3. nona jade del prado says:

    hi! just want to ask what are the requirements to avail the super plan 999? thanks,..

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