HP Helps Organizations Reduce Business Risk with Transparent Records Management

Posted: July 7, 2010 in Tech

HP introduced a records management solution that enables customers to significantly reduce the business risks associated with the growing regulatory compliance and legal discovery demands.

HP TRIM 7 – an advanced records management solution built on 24 years of experience and best practices – enables organizations to transparently manage all of their Microsoft SharePoint Server records in a single environment, regardless of the source. This includes documents as well as information found in SharePoint Server blogs, wikis, discussions, forms, calendars and workflows.

Widespread adoption of SharePoint Server provides the opportunity to consolidate and simplify the management of content stored across multiple SharePoint instances. HP TRIM 7 enables the transparent capture, search and management of all types of physical and electronic business information, including Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and the upcoming SharePoint Server 2010.

Transparent records management for Microsoft SharePoint products and technologies

To help SharePoint Server customers, HP TRIM 7 provides two new modules:

– HP TRIM Records Management improves business records management by providing transparent access to all the SharePoint Server content held in HP TRIM right from the SharePoint Server workspace. In addition, HP TRIM’s U.S. Department of Defense 5015.2 v3 certification means users are getting the highest levels of records management control for their enterprise content.

– HP TRIM Archiving helps customers reduce the risk of data loss when reclaiming storage and system resources from SharePoint Server. The module seamlessly archives specific list objects in SharePoint Server, or entire SharePoint Server sites, to HP TRIM. This happens behind the scenes, which allows users to take entire SharePoint Server sites offline while ensuring continued access to information.

With the new HP TRIM 7 web client interface and its highly configurable, off-the-shelf capabilities, customers can realize a faster deployment compared to other records management solutions – in weeks rather than months. In addition, the improved indexing and search capability allows customers to decrease the time spent searching for critical information as well as reduce response time for legal discovery, compliance requests and audits. Many HP TRIM customers have found improvement in staff efficiencies of up to 65 percent.

HP also offers services for Information Governance, Records Management Implementation and Microsoft SharePoint for faster time to value of HP TRIM.

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