MYPHONE launches Fashion Phone

Posted: July 11, 2010 in Tech

Solid Group Incorporated recently launch their latest MyPhone offering – S Q27 Duo. The S Q27 Duo is the My|Phone group’s effort to deliver a pretty phone to the Pinoys. With its China based Research and Development team, the group collaborated with Swarovski with the objective of combining technology and jewelry and producing a high fashion electronic accessory.

With three Swarovski cubic zirconia stones for the Menu and Call buttons, the S Q27 Duo certainly catches the eye with the bling. Its swivel action makes the phone sexier than the usual clams or sliders in the market. The S Q27 Duo has the vibe of the US version of the Sidekick, often seen in the hands of young Hollywood stars. The S Q27 Duo also boasts of the QWERTY keyboard allowing texting convenience and encouraging proper spelling of words.

The S Q27 Duo is a tri-band, dual active sim mobile phone. It has everything one expects from a regular mobile phone: Bluetooth, 2.0MP camera, FM radio, calendar, notes and alarm. It also has an expandable memory card slot of up to 8GB so it can also act as a personal music box, excellent with the high quality earphones that come with the package. And because the S Q27 Duo targets glamorous ladies who put a premium on looking their best, the S Q27 Duo has a mirror on the back, perfect for quick checks and touch-ups.

The S Q27 Duo was recently introduced to the market by models sashaying down the Fashion Walk of Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, Makati. The S Q27 Duo blended right in with the shimmering creations by top designers Chris Diaz, Francis Libiran, Louis Claparols, Noel Crisostomo, Joey Samson, Joel Escober, and Randy Ortiz.

Also welcomed on the same evening was the brand ambassador of My|Phone. Smart, sexy, and very proud of her Filipino roots, Anne Curtis is the quintessential user of S Q27 Duo.

The S Q27 Duo, My|Phone’s premier offering from its fashion series retails for only P5,990.

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