ECI Telecom Announces End-to-End 1Net Wireless Backhaul Solution

Posted: July 27, 2010 in Tech

ECI Telecom, a global provider of next-generation network solutions, introduced today its end-to-end solution for packet evolution of wireless backhaul networks. As no two networks are alike, ECI’s 1Net wireless backhaul (WBH) solution offers service providers tailored migration path to next-generation networks whether their optimized path is a Greenfield packet network, an overlay packet infrastructure or by leveraging their existing TDM network.

ECI’s 1Net wireless backhaul solution includes:

– 9000 Family of Carrier Ethernet Switch Router: extending the 9000 Family, ECI introduces today the SR9600 Series of metro aggregation and the BG9300 Series of cell-site access platforms. The new high-density, compact platforms enable a converged L2-L3 approach to next-generation wireless backhaul with an innovative bridging functionality for dual support of IP/MPLS and MPLS-TP standards, in addition to a variety of synchronization schemes, circuit emulation for TDM traffic services, and end-to-end management to support both pure-packet and existing TDM services.

– XDM® and BroadGate® families of multi-service and packet-optical platforms: today enhanced with the introduction of the Hybrid+ suite for native and independent handling of both Ethernet and TDM traffic. The Hybrid+ add-on suite includes independent and native Ethernet switching capabilities, end-to-end MPLS-TP support, end-to-end Ethernet synchronization support, circuit emulation support (CES) and carrier grade management for both TDM and Ethernet services.

– BG-Wave Series of native packet and hybrid microwave platforms: these LTE-ready platforms, introduced today, incorporate microwave radio with full networking and multiservice capabilities by integrating Ethernet/MPLS switch, Add-Drop Multiplexer (ADM), Digital Cross Connect (DXC) and Circuit Emulation Service (CES) within the same platform. With packet payload rates up to 1Gbps, low latency and packet delay variation, comprehensive synchronization capabilities and outstanding spectral efficiency, the BG-Wave is ready to meet the requirements of next-generation wireless backhaul networks. The BG-Wave supports the full life transition cycle from TDM to packet-based networks, offering native TDM and Ethernet, TDM over Ethernet (circuit emulation), pure packet, and both fiber and microwave in the same platform

– Hi-FOCuS™ family of multi-service access nodes (MSAN), enabling operators to leverage last-mile backhaul through DSL and GPON networks over multiple E1 or Ethernet lines

– LightSoft® unified network management system for graphical automated end-to-end provisioning and management across network layers (microwave radio, MSPP, CESR) and technologies (MPLS, Ethernet, DWDM, Sonet/SDH and PDH). LightSoft’s multi-layer interface allows the user to get multiple physical and logical views of the network, facilitating the visualization of connections and correlations between different network layers.

– 1Net consultancy services, planning services, and network design to assist operators in the charting of their specific migration path, through building the business cases, network design, network audit and traffic analysis and optimization

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