Zagu adopts SAP Business One to enhance operations

Posted: July 27, 2010 in Tech

Zagu Foods Corporation announced that they will adopt SAP Business One — a single integrated business management application – to streamline its business processes. SAP Business One integrates core business functions across Zagu Foods Corporation’s entire operation, eliminating the need for separate installations and complex integration of multiple modules.

“We chose to go with SAP because of its solid reputation as a proven ERP (enterprise resource planning) solution with a large customer base and excellent references,” said Erwin Spencer Lim, president of Zagu Foods Corporation.

For Zagu Foods Corporation, with remarkable growth come new business challenges. Since sales volume and size of the operation has increased, the Company has to resolve inefficiency caused by disparate computer systems that different business units were using, such as to manage inventory, accounting and point of sale. Staff were also spending too much time and energy to generating reports manually, taking information from multiples sources.

“SAP Business One’s scalability also ensures that we could easily adapt to changing business requirements,” Lim added. He said that SAP Business One offers cost efficiency; compliance with schedule constraints; XCEL implementation timeline and methodology; easy data migration and post go-live support. He further stressed on the importance of active participation of project teams from Zagu Foods Corporation, SAP and partner in order to have a smooth implementation. He emphasized that support from project sponsor and steering committee; and readiness of customer data, forms, and processes are also key.

“Small medium size companies like Zagu Foods Corporation are increasingly seeing value in SAP’s portfolio of best fit solutions, and our wealth of knowledge from over 35 years of helping companies of all sizes in more than 25 industries around the world Run Better,” said Jennie Ligones, country manager of SAP Philippines.

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