Schneider Electric University Challenge – “Green the World”

Posted: September 5, 2010 in Tech

Schneider Electric recently annoucned the Schneider Electric University Challenge – “Green the World @ My Campus”, a university competition targeted to universities in the Philippines which has engineering faculties to participate fully in this prestigious competition.

Schneider Electric’s University Challenge is a competition designed to inspire engineering students at government and privately funded universities in the Philippines by challenging them to develop creative and innovative proposals that solve practical energy usage problems. This year’s theme, “Green the World @ My Campus,” tasks students with finding energy-efficient solutions that can be implemented on their own campus.

This exciting learning opportunity is open to all students earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering. Contestants will be trained on Schneider Electric’s Energy Efficiency solutions and most importantly, gain exposure to real-life scenarios that can be applied to their campus. Attractive prizes await the winning teams, as the top three will receive 75,000.00, 50,000.00 and 35,000.00 respectively, plus trophies and Certificates of Honor.

The objectives of the competition are

– To promote to the future generation energy efficient solutions forsignificant and sustainable savings.
– To unleash and encourage the undergraduates’ creativity andinnovativeness in developing energy efficient proposals for the campus /college / university
– To establish a symbiotic and healthy relationship between theUniversities and Schneider Electric which will help facilitate learning opportunities for the undergraduates.

Schneider Electric’s mission is to make energy safer, more reliable, more efficient and more productive. For more information, visit :

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