Sony introduces two new cameras powered by world’s first Translucent Mirror Technology

Posted: October 10, 2010 in Tech

Sony Philippines unveiled two new cameras, the 55 (SLT-A55V) and 33 (SLT-A33), which adopt Sony’s newly-developed Translucent Mirror Technology, achieving the highest-level performance for both still image and movie recording.

Revolutionary Translucent Mirror Technology
The 55 and 33 are the world’s first interchangeable lens digital cameras to incorporate Translucent Mirror Technology, which enables new features that were previously difficult to achieve with traditional DSLR cameras.

By having an original mirror box containing a fixed translucent mirror instead of the mirror box used in conventional DSLR cameras with, both cameras offer full-time, TTL phase-detection autofocusing during live view and movie shooting, as well as high speed continuous shooting with continuous autofocus (AF). These features were previously available only on professional-grade cameras.

With the fixed translucent mirror, the new cameras also have a more compact, portable body design that is approximately 23% smaller than that of the 550.

In addition, Translucent Mirror Technology enables the world’s first Full HD movie recording with continuous phase detect AF, so that even subjects moving at high speeds are constantly kept in focus. Quick AF Live View has also been significantly improved with fast, precise AF in both the viewfinder and LCD screen.

“With Sony’s ‘make.believe’ message in mind, we introduced the new 55 and 33 DSLR cameras with their advanced revolutionary Translucent Mirror technology to encourage novice DSLR cameras photographers to continue their passion in photography as they capture realistic and vivid photos and movies with ease-of-use and comfort,” said Mr. Takao Kuroda, President and Managing Director, Sony Philippines.

Sony’s exclusive Translucent Mirror Technology enables a fixed translucent mirror that does not need to be raised and lowered each time the shutter is released. The mirror also allows light passing through the lens to be simultaneously received by the image sensor and the auto focus sensor, allowing continuous shooting and continuous focusing at speeds never before possible. This result in highly responsive camera performance, with world’s fastest continuous shooting at up to 10 frames per second with continuous AF on the 55 , and up to 7 frames per second on the 33.

Both cameras incorporate a newly-developed 15-point TTL phase-detection AF system that includes 3 cross sensors vertically aligned in the centre of the frame. The fast and highly precise AF system remains in operation not only when using the viewfinder, but also when the LCD screen is used in live view mode. This allows photographers to enjoy fast and accurate AF operation when either subject framing method is used.

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